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Nine reasons to visit Antwerp

Antwerp is sure to delight you. This city of trendsetters manages to surprise even the most seasoned of travellers. People of Antwerp are anything but followers and stubbornly believe that things can always be done differently and better. Prepare for an unforgettable visit.

Inland city with a sea port

In addition to a wide river, Antwerp also boasts a deep sea port – 80 kilometres inland, and the second largest portal hub in Europe. Curious to discover the port district? Various bus, boat and bike trips will take you past the ships, wharves, cranes and terminals.

Mile-high enjoyment

You can't miss the Cathedral of Our Lady on Antwerp's skyline: it is the highest church tower in the Low Countries and features on UNESCO's World Heritage list. A little further away, there's another lovely tower to behold: the MAS tower.

Culture with an extra touch

Antwerp boasts some of the most amazing museums. Situated in a lovely park, the Middelheim Museum is an open air museum with the finest collection of sculptures from the 19th to 21st century. Plantin-Moretus was the first museum to appear on the World Heritage list.
In the Rubens House, you visit the home and studio of this world class baroque painter. And don't forget the museum-like buildings, such as the neoclassical City Hall, the art deco gems in the Zurenborg-burrough, or the classified buildings in Antwerp Zoo – one of Europe's oldest and loveliest city zoos.

A new look at gastronomy

Ranging from star restaurants such as The Jane, to excellent bistros, grand cafés and quaint coffee shops, Antwerp is geared towards foodies and bonvivants. Only here you will find a Chinese restaurant with a Michelin star and the first kebab place to get a mention in the Gault&Millau Restaurant Guide.

The finest diamonds in the world

With international diamond quality labels such as Cut in Antwerp or Antwerp Most Brilliant, Antwerp is the heart of the diamond industry. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Diamond district: in a single square metre you will find more diamonds than in the rest of the world, as well as plenty of goldsmiths and jewellery designers with dazzling shop windows.

Birth place of fashion

People from Antwerp are trendsetters. Couture lives not only in the many boutiques but also on the streets and in the many innovative pop-ups. Many of the great designers today graduated from the fashion department at the Antwerp Royal Academy, the most influential in the world. Promising talent continues to emerge and using the city as a testing ground to establish their labels. So shop here and be the first to discover tomorrow's designers.

XL range across an XS distance

People from Antwerp are so proud that they call their city a Metropolis. But one with a village spirit: the countless shops, museums, squares, architectural gems, little markets and terraces are all just walking distance from each other.

Always close by

Antwerp is quick to call itself the navel of the world and they are not wrong. The city lies in the heart of Flanders and the centre of Europe. From the regional or even national, airport the city can be reached in no time at all. Or take the train and discover Antwerp Central Station, the most romantic station in Europe. Its majestic setting makes leaving Antwerp a little more bearable.

Take it all in

Cross the 500 meter wide river Scheldt to the city’s Left Bank and enjoy Antwerps beautiful skyline from the river banks at Left Bank. Our tip? Use the impressive pedestrian tunnel to cross the river underground, and admire the magnificent wooden escalator as you descend.