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Association de la Sommellerie Internationale

Founded in 1969 by the Association des Sommeliers Internationale the the Best Sommelier of the World Competition has become a prestigious appointment for wine aficionados that is now held every three years. Its goal? To facilitate an interchange of experience and expertise among catering professionals, to encourage sommeliers to perfect their skills and to reveal the secrets of this noble profession to a wider public.
Fifty years, full circle.
With Belgium as the hosting country, our prestigious international championship has made full circle: the very first Sommelier World Championship also took place here. This milestone event is hosted by the Belgian Sommelier Guild, and takes place in the magnificent Flemish city of Antwerp.

Marking the 50th anniversary, the 2019 edition of the Best Sommelier of the World is an important occasion for the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. Founded in Reims on 3 June 1969 as a small non-profit organisation, the association promotes and enhances the profession of the sommelier.

Over the past fifty years, ASI has brought together national sommelier associations from around the world and promoted their establishment in countries where they didn’t exist. ASI now has over 50,000 sommelier members from more than 60 countries.

Supporting sommeliers

ASI helps sommeliers everywhere in the world to reach new heights and expand their knowledge. While knowledge of wines and spirits can be acquired in Oenology Institutes and the foundations of the trade can be learned in culinary schools, there is no exact means of acquiring the necessary experience other than informally throughout one’s career. ASI therefore coordinates initiatives aimed at developing and advancing the talents of the individual sommelier: training courses, seminars, and the ASI Certification Exam for Sommeliers.

Competing to excel

As the best way to promote the trade and assist sommeliers in improving their personal skills is through competition, ASI organises regional and national competitions. These competitions culminate in the Best Sommelier of the World Championship. It is held every three years in a different member country.

Crème de la crème

These days, the modern sommelier’s responsibilities are expected to go far beyond merely serving wines. As well as a complete knowledge of the field and an indispensable insight into human relationships, a sommelier must also display a considerable understanding of purchase and stock management. A good sommelier is now also associated with the marketing side of the business.

Who’s who at ASI

ASI Headquarters are located in Paris (France). ASI is run by an international Board elected for a three-year period.

Andres Rosberg

A.S.I. President

Willian Wouters

Vice President for Europe

Ricardo Grellet

Vice-president for the Americas

Saiko Tamura-Soga

Vice-president for Asia & Oceania

Michéle Aström Chantôme

Secretary General

Michelle McCarthy

Deputy secretary general

Philippe Faure-Brac


Samuil Angelov

Deputy Treasurer
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